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Tips and Tricks

Useful ideas for improving reports.

Get Started with Excel Dashboard Reporting


"Are you ready to create dashboard reports in Excel? Here are some tips and techniques to get you started." – Charles W. Kyd of ExcelUser, Inc.


·         “Use Magazine Formatting. Graphic artists who work at business magazines know how to create charts and tables that are easy to read. Learn from these people.”


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What Makes a Good Annual Report


"The criteria, first promulgated in 1984, used in judging the best, and worst,
among this key corporate communiqué."
– Sid Cato.


·         “Honesty Throughout? Bad news delivered without subterfuge or delay? Forthrightness to the ultimate – no conflicts between the report’s parts, for example?”

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Creating Excel Dashboards


"Clearly the easiest way to create a good Excel dashboard is to start from a template already created, like those shown above. But if you want to start from scratch, here are a few tips I've learned along the way." – Jon Wittwer of


·         “Get Rid of the Grid – After laying out your spreadsheet the way you want it, turn off the grid or cell outlines to make your spreadsheet look cleaner.”

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Annual Report Design Tips


"No matter what your budget or how many copies you print, you can design an attractive report that suits your needs." – eHow


·         “Charts and Illustrations. A good design spaces charts and illustrations throught the report, rather than placing them all together in one section. Give them a univied look by using a similar color treatment and similar fonts.”

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Designing a Better Dashboard


A variety of articles on design fundamentals, usability and more from the folks at Juice Analytics.


·         “Message. The information designer is responsible for presenting the data in a way that the message is delivered in a clear and understandable way.”

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Best Practices for BI Reports


"The message is clear that we need to teach people who create reports how to do it better. Reports will not go away!" –


·         “Don’t overload the user with too many numbers. Pages of detailed data is not a report.”

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Annual Reports and Proposals


"Use these practical and creative tips for annual report design as well as designs for proposals and similar business documents." –


·         “Annual report art direction. Andy Attiliis suggest incorporating the previous year’s successful ad and promotional campaign’s visual characteristics into the annual report.”


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Excel Design Tips – Make Your Excel Spreadsheets Look Good


"It is possible to not only have your spreadsheets make you more productive, but also look good." – Chris Garrett of Codswallop


·         “Comic Sans has no place in business. Sometimes I wish I could build a time machine so I could go back to whichever lunatic was presiding over the meeting when Microsoft decided to bundle Comic Sans with their operating system and give them a sound thrashing.”

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CopyPaste function – Microsoft Excel


“The ability to copy and paste in Excel is one of its main and strong features. However as a result of absolute and relative referencing this can be extremely dangerous and a number of errors result due to this” –


·         “I recommend you use the auditing toolbar, and if you are ever going to do a copy and paste, just consider if you have any absolute referencing”

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